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Meetups and More

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ChangeBlogger Meetups


The Washington DC Changeblogger/Changemakers meetup on October 15. Check out what people are saying below!


The Buzz Bin: Changeblogging - Let the Meme Begin Qui Diaz highlights the changeblogging movement and rallies the call for chanegbloggers, especially the DC crew, to unite.

Have Fun * Do Good - Changeblogger List + Wanna Meetup? Britt Bravo's original blog post coining the changeblogger name.

Let the Changeblogging Meme Hit the Road... Beth Kanter is the first to announce that she's donated to Alex Steed's cause and calls for fellow chanegbloggers and others to do the same.

Event Announcement and Summary Paul Worsham's DC Piazza team caught up with Qui at Johnny's Par-tay Finale to talk about this event!

The Changeblogger Story  Alex Rampy gives a re-cap of the Changeblogger movement on her blog SocialButterfly, from its origins to the blogosphere's response.

Changemakers. Movers. Shakers  Naomi Hirabayashi spread the news of the changeblogger movement, and calls for NYC folks to join in. Anyone up for planning a NYC Changeblogger event? Let's chat.


New York City Changeblogger/Changemakers meetup on October 11th.

Philadelphia Changeblogger/Changemakers meetup on November 22nd


Blogging Events


Bloggers Unite (online)

Blog Action Day (online)

Carnival for Change (online)

We Media Conference (face-to-face)


Nonprofit Meetups


Future Leaders in Philanthropy: FLiP event in Washington, DC on July 16.  Details

Comments (1)

Naomi Hirabayashi said

at 7:29 am on Sep 10, 2008

Thanks Alexandra! We hope to see you all there:)

Also- to anyone in the NYC area on September 23rd, check out the Ad Week Event:
"Social Media Giving Voice to Social Cause"

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